Attend to the physical needs of those in the mission field.

Provide healing through prayer and visitation to those who are sick and/or alone.

Provide food for the hungry through the Choice Food Pantry, children’s summer food program, and other means as needed.

Provide clothing through the Clothes Closet.

Provide emergency assistance and relief through the pastor’s Love Fund and other means as needed.

*Mission Field = ​​The area of influence in which we live, work, play and worship, including the local church, those with whom we come into contact daily, and those we do not know but intentionally seek to find.

​*This mission statement, strategy and vision is scripturally based on Luke 10:1-9.

Mission: To make disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world.
*Disciple: A person committed and fitted to continue the work of Jesus Christ.

Vision: As disciples of Christ, we will show the love of Christ to all with whom we come in contact, with the intent of changing lives and healing the world.


Proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ in the mission field.

Preach, teach and sing about the Gospel of Jesus Christ in worship.

Teach Christian Education through Sunday School classes and small groups.

 Show Christ to others through our actions and good works.

Lecompton United Methodist Church

​PO Box 91, 402 Elmore Street, Lecompton, KS 66050 | Church: 785.887.6327 | Parsonage: 785.887.6681 | lecomptonumc@gmail.com

Sunday Worship 8:30am, 10:45am | Sunday School 9:30am


Create a community of faith and trust in the mission field.

​Live, work, play and otherwise be involved in and around the community.

Open the church doors and grounds for community events, and for use by the community.

Promote the community, its people and activities through our various media and social means.​​

Mission Strategy: "C-A-P"